[PLUG-TALK] You should get it: protocolol

Michael R michael at jamhome.us
Wed Jun 8 07:20:30 PDT 2011


@jacobwcarlson How do you keep a UDP client in suspense? #protolol
@xntrik The problem with git jokes is everyone has their own version. #protolol
The worst thing about Perl jokes is that next morning you can't understand why
they seemed so funny.
@jwgoerlich Spy vs spy. RS-232 vs MI6. Who you going to call? Baud, James
Baud. #protolol
@pingudownunder The problem with TCPIP jokes is that when I tell them, all I
want is an ACK but usually get FINs and
RSTs #protolol
@reconbot: WHO HAS ANY ARP JOKES? #protolol
@yoshicool TTL jokes are short lived. #protolol
@alexdgardner I was telling a WEP joke once, but everyone already knew it
@pozorvlak: The best thing about mathematical jokes is left as an exercise for
the reader. #protolol
@bovil The problem with basic jokes is 10 goto punchline error line 10
punchline not found #protolol

Well, you get the idea.

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