[PLUG-TALK] SOPA, PIPA, "Piracy", Incentives

Russell Johnson russ at dimstar.net
Thu Jan 19 12:04:26 PST 2012

On Jan 19, 2012, at 11:51 AM, Keith Lofstrom wrote:

> The question for 2012 is whether Hollywood, or communities
> living in the free Internet, will do more in the future to
> further the interconnection of global culture.

Personally, I think this is what Hollywood and Congress by extension, fear the most. Over the history of the film industry, you can see examples of propaganda. "Miracle on 34th Street" is a two hour long commercial for Macy's. Then there are films like "Reefer Madness". Hollywood has in the past been very relevant and could guide the public to think. They know they've lost some of that power, and they don't want to lose any more. While their message isn't always in alignment with D.C.'s, it is enough of the time that Hollywood has more than one been labeled the propaganda arm of the government. 

Russell Johnson
russ at dimstar.net

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