[PLUG-TALK] Maria Popova on MS

Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Fri Nov 7 16:11:53 PST 2014

Tim Ferris (The 4 Hour ___) was interviewing Maria Popova (http://brainpickings.org - highly recmommended) 
and was asking about her workflow. Brain Pickings is hosted on WordPress. 

When talking about having different people review a document Tim suggested MS Word for the history feature.
Maria replied: "I do not own Microsoft Products on principle." 

She also has a geek request to improve the way you can extract your notes from Amazon. Seems she does a lot of 
reading on Kindle (for the Web and on tablets) and hasn't found a good way to both extract the notes and keep
the metadata that is associated with each one. 

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