[PLUG-TALK] Tuesday Evening IEEE Speaker: Wearable 3.0

Keith Lofstrom keithl at gate.kl-ic.com
Mon Nov 17 12:44:45 PST 2014


Wearables seem like just another damned thing to waste money on
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyCtaciiM8Y ) but some of you might figure
out something worthwhile to make of them.  If you are creative in that way
please attend this event.

Personally, I am interested in body-scale tightly focused microwave antennas
( antenna jackets? ) but those won't develop soon.  omni != privacy



*Oregon IEEE Communication/Photonic/UFFC joint societies presents *" Wearable
3.0 "

*Speaker: Charles Austen Angell, Founder and CEO, Modern Edge

*Date:    Tuesday, 18th November, 2014*

*Place:  Tektronix Building 38 Atrium, 3025 SW Zworykin Avenue, Beaverton,

*Costs:     Free and open to the public -registration required at
<https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/29653> *

*Meeting Agenda: *6:00 ~ 6:50 Social (Pizza and refreshment provided by Integra
Telecom <http://www.integratelecom.com/pages/default.aspx>)
6:50 ~ 7:00 Introductions and Announcements
7:00 ~ 8:15 Presentation and Q&A


Wearable technologies were originally envisioned as embedded electronics in
consumer apparel, but instead developed into standalone accessories for
health and fitness tracking, communication, and productivity. This talk
argues that wearables are going back into apparel at significant consumer
scale. Catalysts for the shift include improved battery chemistries, small,
cheap components, and improved wireless networking protocols, as well as
strategic consumer use cases driven by the apparel industry. Apparel
integrated wearables will be invisible to the user and designed into
garments so that their function and experience is in line with the
aesthetics and consumer experience focus from clothing makers. Some
examples will be discussed including use cases that enable or enhance
positive social communication among adolescents.


 Austen oversees all Modern Edge projects from client contact to human
factors research, design refinement, product and program management, market
positioning, and customer experience. He serves as the Creative Director,
responsible for direction, strategy, and systems. Austen is the elected
national Chair of the Industrial Design Society of America. He also serves
on the board of the Design Foundation, a 501-c3 granting scholarships in
design and was one of its founding trustees. Prior to founding Modern Edge,
Austen Angell was the Director of Design Research and Innovation at Intel
Corporation, VP of Design and CDO at Logic Technologies, and Design
Director at National Cycle. Austen has led numerous research and design
programs for the world's most innovative companies such as Intel
Corporation, Procter & Gamble, St Jude, Medtronic, Harley Davidson, Johnson
& Johnson, John Deere, BMW, and 3M, among others. Austen ran the
Intellectual Property Team at Placon Corporation, and is a recognized
authority on patent issues.

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