[PLUG-TALK] Comcast putzes

Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Fri Aug 19 18:03:23 PDT 2016

"Oh, you're not getting all the download bandwidth you're paying for because your modem is EOL."
* Modem is a two year old (?) Motorola Surfboard 1621. 

I'm now 45 minutes into a chat session to see what they want to do about this.  Replacement modem is $125.
The Century Link offer is looking better and better.  Alleged 100Mbps for $20/mo with 2 year contract.
Must also get phone service which runs $20/month.

So $40/mo ...

Now on 3rd rep (I'm from sales I can't help you with, I'm from support I can't help you with..) and an hour into the fun.

I'm dropping lots of hints about the pricing just not being good. No one is biting on it.

Friday Night Fun.

      Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
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    ~ Henry Ford

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