[PLUG-TALK] Power line noise

Denis Heidtmann denis.heidtmann at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 19:35:13 PDT 2016

I wonder what is acceptable for noise on the power line (residential)?  I
had reason to check, so I used a 0.1 uF cap in series with a 100 ohm
resistor in series with another 0.1 uF cap connected across the 120V line.
I check with a 'scope across the 100 ohm.  Last night I saw a 4 V pulse
every cycle of the 60 hz.  This morning it was not there.  There were other
pulses present, always synchronous with the 60 hz.  It may be that the
pulse is due to the LED streetlights, since that is the biggest change
between last night and this AM that I can think of.

I can certainly repeat the measurements, and be more detailed about the
specific nature of the pulses I see, but I wonder if anybody here has some
knowledge about this subject.


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