[PLUG-TALK] 10 Science Fiction books of note

Michael michael at jamhome.us
Sun Jan 1 17:59:58 PST 2017

 From a link sent by a friend,

We'd each read six of the ten and had not heard of the other four.

The list starts with Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and ends with 
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

I've started to read The Long Tomorrow based on the overall quality of 
the list.
It opens:

"No city, no town, no community of more than one thousand people or two 
hundred buildings to the square mile share be built or permitted to 
exist anywhere in the United States of America."
-- Constitution of the United States, Thirtieth Amendment

The book was written in 1955, so very different from today.

       Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon
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