[PLUG-TALK] Setting vm IP address for 'Net access

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Thu Jun 22 13:40:47 PDT 2017

On Thu, 22 Jun 2017, wes wrote:

>>>> gateway (
>>> um, what?
>>    That's the gateway on the linux LAN.
> that's weird, but... ok.

   Oh? That's been the IP address on the firewall/router for many years.

> click Start, type "cmd" and press enter. then "ping 192.168.55.x"

   Huh! I didn't know windows knew ping.

   Nope. 'Destination host unreachable.' Don't suppose there's an equivalent
to resolv.conf is there?

>>    The main network dialog shows no ipv4 connection; the details show the
>> values for one.
> I'd have to see it to understand what you're saying.

   Start -> Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Network & Sharing Center
-> Local Network Connection 2. This opens a window with general information
and the top line for ipv4 connectivity shows 'No network access.'

   Clicking the 'Details' buttons opens a network connectivity details box
that displays the IP address for ipv4.


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