[PLUG-TALK] Transmit audio wirelessly from computer to stereo

John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Sat Oct 21 10:33:34 PDT 2017

During the day I stream internet radio from my desktop to my stereo,
and at night I watch movies on the desktop and listen to the audio on
my stereo. I have done this for years, and for all that time the
connection has been a very long wire. 'Long' means about 7.5 meters.

Previously the room was a mess with wires all over, so I didn't mind
one more wire. But now the room is being remodeled and everything is
going to be inside the walls. However, there is no easy way to put a 20
foot audio cable inside the walls and, even if I did, it would have to
be twice as long to go around corners. So I am considering some kind of
transmitter from the desktop's audio jack to the stereo's audio input

There is wifi in the house. My phone is all that really uses it. My
laptop connects to the wifi also, but since it is wired as well the wifi
connection is probably unnecessary. The wifi is secured with a
password, but if I stream internet radio and movie audio over wifi I
don't care if the neighbors want to listen in. 

A number of years ago I bought a Jensen WBT310 (Bluetooth) in an attempt
to eliminate the wire. 


It didn't cost much and I think I got what I paid for. That is, I could
connect from my phone or my laptop and it successfully transmitted the
audio to the stereo, but I kept losing the signal, plus the audio
quality was not very good. I'm not a screaming audiophile who has to
have perfect fidelity, but I do have good ears and I spent $200 each
for my ESS AMT10B speakers 30 years ago. If you want good audio quality
I'm a firm believer in putting your money in the speakers.

Suggestions, observations and comments are welcome.

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