[PLUG-TALK] Transmit audio wirelessly from computer to stereo

Aaron Burt aaron at bavariati.org
Sat Oct 21 12:05:45 PDT 2017

On 2017-10-21 10:33, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> During the day I stream internet radio from my desktop to my stereo,
> and at night I watch movies on the desktop and listen to the audio on
> my stereo. I have done this for years, and for all that time the
> connection has been a very long wire. 'Long' means about 7.5 meters.

So far I've found a few things that don't work well.
* WiFi audio receivers have too much latency for video/audio sync
* An FM transmitter works well but the audio is so-so
* Bluetooth is fussy (connection management) and a bit latency-prone
* Many of the above need a ground-loop isolator to remove the hum

Cat5 cable should be great for audio transmission, though.

For everyday streaming radio, I rather like my Grace component-style 
Internet radio player, but I'm finding its limits and thinking of 
replacing it with a Pi0W running one of those nifty Music Player Daemon 

If I were a video watching person, I'd just get a modern "smart" TV and 
plug it into the stereo.  My in-laws really like theirs.  Unfortunately, 
a video monitor won't split out the audio from the HDMI connection, so 
you need a TV-style thing to do that.


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