[PLUG-TALK] Contacting a human at Amazon

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Oct 29 08:20:07 PDT 2017

   Thursday I ordered a Ubiquiti ER-X router from Amazon and paid for 2-day
shipping (Saturday delivery). It did not arrive yesterday, but is scheduled
for delivery before 8:00 pm today. That's not 2 days. I want to contact them
to refund the shipping cost since they did not meet the 2-day time, and I
cannot find an e-mail address or phone number on their site.

   Years ago I was able to find a contact point after a diligent search but
they must have removed that since then.

   If there is no way to directly contact them I'll refuse the package and
file for a refund, then re-order it under the standard, free shipping

   Any ideas on how to contact amazon?


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