[PLUG-TALK] Open source hardware?

Michael Dexter dexter at pdxlinux.org
Mon Aug 13 12:10:06 PDT 2018

On 8/13/18 11:52 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
>    I'm thinking of voting machines/systems. This is far from any areas of
> expertise for me.

Those voting machines long ago that had unencrypted spreadsheets on an 
easily-accessed compact flash slot could have run 100% free/open source 
software. That alone did not guarantee security. It wouldn't take a 
sophisticated user to mount the drive and adjust the results. Gotta 
wonder if that was by design.

I'm pretty happy with paper by mail. Would take a sing orchestrated 
attack which would be easier to detect by a whistle blower.

Shame this is an issue.


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