[PLUG-TALK] Screen phone "911 unavailable" warnings

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Dec 28 19:31:12 PST 2018

My wife has two motoG screen phones, personal and business
numbers.  Last night near midnight, one turned itself on
and LOUDLY announced something about "911 service
unavailable, call this number instead." 

We didn't understand it, tried to ignore it, and went back
to sleep.  15 minutes later her other phone did the same
thing, with an identical (and equally irritating yet
forgettable) message.

Is this a poorly-designed real message, or a disturbingly
intrusive network hack?  

BTW, Consumer Cellular, ATT network.


Keith Lofstrom          keithl at keithl.com

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