[PLUG-TALK] Screen phone "911 unavailable" warnings

Tomas K tomas.kuchta.lists at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 00:13:40 PST 2018

Internet and phone calls are limited commodity, that is why its usage
is being rationed and priced.

Century-Link just run out of bits to transfer!

How does the socialist FCC dares to intervene in perfectly functioning
markets. What are they hoping to find out investigating shortages of
bits - bad harvests or international conspiracy?! Isn't FCC suppose to
be in .gov shutdown mode?

Happy New Year to everyone ...

On Fri, 2018-12-28 at 22:24 -0800, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Dec 2018 21:45:33 -0800
> Larry Brigman <larry.brigman at gmail.com> dijo:
> > It was on the news tonight.  It was caused by a CenturyLink outage.
> > Because of the time it took to recover from the outage(~10hours or
> > more), the FCC is opening an investigation.
> My gigabit CL internet speed dropped to practically nothing, and many
> sites were completely unavailable, the further away the worse the
> connection. I couldn't get internet radio stations to play from
> Cleveland, Boston, etc. Eventually it all returned to normal, but not
> before I spent half an hour poking at everything in my network trying
> to figure out what was wrong. At one point the connection was so bad
> that I used my cell phone as a hotspot just to get on the net. And
> the
> web site that was 100% offline? CenturyLink, of course.
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