[PLUG-TALK] Setting up new virtual machines on Linux - Why not KVM?

Tomas K tomas.kuchta.lists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 14:10:37 PST 2018

There has been quite a few post about how to get VirtualBox working on
various Linux distributions. I cannot recall any post asking for help
with KVM (or bHyve!).

I find this somewhat distorted state/community - I would expect more
interest in and more issues with KVM in general Linux user population.

--> KVM is native and mature virtualization solution on Linux; it is in
many ways superior to current virtualBox's para virtualization. KVM's
good, but in depth documentation and GUI fragmentation should generate
more problems and questions. And, without exacerbation, most of the
world's virtual machines probably run on KVM. ==> There is more future
potential in KVM on Linux than in anything else.

--> Most of the VirtualBox post here were because people needed new
host for old virtual machine image - so these absolutely needed
VirtualBox for legacy reason.

--> Few people were looking for VirtualBox to setup new virtual
machines. I imagine their reason was due to relatively decent and up to
date vBox GUI. This has some merit, but there are relatively OK GUIs
and documentation for KVM.

--> There were even some posts discussing 100% closed proprietary
VmWare. So, clearly, this PLUG community seems to be voting for
anything, but KVM.

I have no issues with VirtualBox - I use it on legacy VM's myself - its
performance and future potential is not great though - especially in
respect to I/O (disk, network, ...) See the I/O related benchmarks,
which inspired me to write this post:

I suspect that the lack of perfect KVM GUI and difficulty to google up
decent documentation maybe not be the real reason. After all, many
people are willing to spent months on installing Slackware, other
exotic/fringe distributions or setting up basic things by quite awkward
and labor intensive ways.

So, if you are still reading and have a few minutes to burn:
 --> Why are you not using KVM? <--
 --> Are you KVM user with no reason to write about it? <--
 --> Is your HW too old for KVM? <--
 --> No idea what is KVM? <--

Please do not tell - what attracts you to virtualBox or vmWare - this
is about KVM only.

Happy New Year,

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