[PLUG-TALK] Way off topic - quarter turn faucets

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Sep 10 17:43:18 PDT 2018

For those few of you with houses or other real estate:

As my wife and I fix plumbing problems in our house,
we replace undersink compression washer valves with
quarter-turn ball valves.  These cost more, but if
they are machined accurately, they are easy to use,
and the PEX balls may last approximately forever. 
We will soon replace all the internal iron plumbing
with PEX pipes, and we will change ALL the undersink
valves to quarter-turn ball valves. 

For now, we live in fear that those rusty undersink
valves will disintegrate if we try to turn them, so
we turn off the house supply (a BIG quarter turn
valve) before we fix plumbing.

However, the "user hardware" faucets still use
compression washers.  I replace the washers in the
bathtub hot water faucet about every two years, and
the sink faucet valves about every five.  

Typical one-handle faucets (such as the Delta #70
stainless steel ball faucets) still rely on neoprene
elastomer gaskets on the ball, and those gaskets wear
out.  Stainless steel isn't really stainless, if it
is bathed in hot water for decades.

---- the ask: ----

I would love to replace the "user valves" with something
like quarter turn valves as well.  Does anyone know of
faucet systems that work like this?  I hope that the
result will outlive me, with close to zero maintenance.


And yes, I would love to replace all the user valves with
magic electronic controls and inline heat pumps, but such
bleeding edge design will be obsolete and unsupportable
in a few years, replaced by new companies and designs. 
I'll leave the AI plumbing future to the next generation.
I hope the bugs get ironed out before you kids get old,
and some of you get wealthy inventing new techniques.


Keith Lofstrom          keithl at keithl.com

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