[PLUG-TALK] Mobile phone security options

Paul Heinlein heinlein at madboa.com
Wed Apr 17 12:50:54 PDT 2019

On Wed, 17 Apr 2019, Rich Shepard wrote:

> All my previous smart phones had keys and the unlock key was a large 
> button in the center of the navigation ring. My Nokia 6.1 Plus has 
> no keys yet has two options for unlocking it: a numeric password or 
> a fingerprint.
> Now the fingerprint is disabled and I use a 4-digit password. Seems 
> to me using the fingerprint would be quicker and easier. Based on 
> your experiences with Andriod phones are there security reasons to 
> select one unlocking method over the other?

My experience in the Apple world is that having both enabled is good. 
The fingerprint reader on my iPhone is faster at unlocking (and 
certainly more convenient), but there are times when my hands are too 
wet, or my skin too sodden, to successfully authenticate via 

The caveat is that my experience is on Apple hardware.

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