[PLUG-TALK] Physical tool user group?

Charles Sliger chaz at bctonline.com
Sun Apr 21 11:55:46 PDT 2019

I think this is a great idea.
I would absolutely join.
I'm one of those "tool guys".
If you have any questions, I'll give you my 2 cents.
Charles Sliger
"No matter where you go... There you are... Buckaroo Banzai"

On Thu, 2019-04-11 at 23:08 -0700, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> After a jam stripped the ring gear in my /second/ $50
> Homelite electric chainsaw, I realized that I don't know
> a damned thing about which tool brands are good or bad,
> and I don't know anybody to ask.  That includes my niece,
> who is a marketing manager for Craftsman/Black&Decker.
> Brand names can no longer be trusted; even Craftsman was
> evolving into garbage while Eddie Lampert was destroying
> the company.  For example, Homelite, Ryobi, and consumer
> Poulan chainsaws are now made by Techtronic (!) Industries
> in Hong Kong, and are the same mechanism in different 
> livery.  Same crap, different wrap, no connection to the
> original US, Japanese, and Swedish companies.  Repair parts
> are unavailable when newer models go on sale.
> Where do old farts go to talk about currently available
> good tools and bad with the young farts, who will be
> opinionated old farts some day? 
> There are plenty of salesfolk with name brand crap to sell.
> There's a woodworking guild in southwest Portland.  But I
> don't know of any meetups, or online communities, for 
> tools (besides automotive and electronics).
> So - where do Portland's hardware tool users gather?
> Keith

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