[PLUG-TALK] TelCo bills

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Mon Apr 29 20:37:25 PDT 2019

>>>>> "Rich" == Rich Shepard <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> writes:

Rich> My landline/internet service is provided by Frontier Comm. and the
Rich> bills increase every month. The customer service rep checked my
Rich> statements from last September and said the only increases are in
Rich> the various fees and taxes added by everyone from municipalities
Rich> to the federal government.

Rich> Is everyone seeing these monthly increases, too?

It is important to bear in mind that there is no price regulation
whatsoever on internet service. They can charge whatever they want. Your
choice is to subscribe or not. Further, there is a federal prohibition
on taxing internet access. There may be fees added on your telephone
service, but passing them on to you is the carrier's choice, not the
government's. I was being charged $7-ish/month by Centurylink for an
extended service area (e.g. North Plains), despite already paying for
nationwide long distance. All of their innovation occurs in their
billing department.

Russell Senior, President
russell at personaltelco.net

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