[PLUG-TALK] Android phone question

Russell Johnson russ at dimstar.net
Tue Aug 27 09:35:10 PDT 2019

On 8/27/19, 7:40 AM, "Rich Shepard" <plug-talk-bounces at pdxlinux.org on behalf of rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> wrote:

    On Mon, 26 Aug 2019, Tomas Kuchta wrote:
    > That being said, I would not bother with that these days as there are
    > better, cheaper and portable options via VoIp operators.
    Now I would appreciate points so I can learn how to route calls (and,
    perhaps, text messages) from my Nokia 6.1 Plus Android One through my WAP,
    router, and FiOS 'Net access using VoIP. Assuming this is a practical
    solution since the signal dropping issue occurs only here in my home/office
    and occassionally in other places where it really doesn't matter to me.
Don't most modern cell phones support VoIP over WIFI natively now? I know my iPhone has since iOS 10 at least, with my iPhone 7. On my phone, I just have to turn on 'Calling over WiFi'. 


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