[PLUG-TALK] Cat5e cable: open

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Dec 29 09:59:04 PST 2019

The locking tab on a cat5e cable broke off. I did not test the cable before
replacing the plug. When I replace the plug I ensure the wires are in the
correct order
and fully inserted before crimping the RJ-45. The tester reports 'open'. I
assume this means either one wire in the plug was not properly seated or
there's a break in one wire somewhere in the cable. Three times in
succession. The tester does not tell me which wire is open.

Is there a test for cable integrity? I've installed RJ-45 plugs on cat5e
cables before this and each has passed the tester. Before I waste more plugs
should I consider the entire cable compromised and build a new one?

Advice appreciated.


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