[PLUG-TALK] Any programmers looking for a web programming gig?

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Jul 2 20:58:14 PDT 2020

No, I'm not offering, but a local company has problems and
may (?) be able to pay for help, in money or "in kind".

Mallory Safety and Supply is a 100yo northwest company with
two sites in Portland.  Mallory (formerly Sanderson) is
where I've bought safety jackets, gloves, etc. for years.

Their "store brand" is "Diamond M".  Two months offered
some pretty good plastic face shields:


I bought two (the warehouse guy said they had a thousand),
gave one to a friend, and planned to buy more of the same
after I knew how long they lasted.  They are called
"disposable", but I wore that one 50 times before it got
too scratched up to see though, hence I delayed reordering.
I planned to by enough for my wife and I through the end 
of the year, and providing extras for friends. 

We ordered more a week ago.  
They delivered cheap ebay-style crap.

They ran out of the good ones, bought some crappy
Chinese replacements (not adjustable, not vented, too
wide and not long enough, the plastic isn't replaceable).

But they use the same picture and model number, claiming
that they have no one to update their website.  That may
be B.S., but maybe they can't find help.

Perhaps someone here can help them.  If money is short,
(they may be paying top dollar for scarce items), perhaps
there are items remaining in inventory that some of us
can use, and we can dicker among ourselves.

Anybody want to approach them and offer website 
maintenance services for a brief time?  I don't know 
who is best to contact, but I can help figure that out.


Alternately, the headband I have is still excellent, and
I can cut some 10 mil clear PTE plastic to replace the
old scratched shield. 

If anyone here is adept at 3D plastic printing, we can
make many copies of the headband, and build a fixture to
cut plastic shields, assuming local Multicraft Plastics
has the roll stock their website claims.

Making a whole bunch of face shields for all of us would
be a good way to literally keep PLUG alive.


Keith Lofstrom          keithl at keithl.com

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