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So I conclude from what you say that a phone order will not fall under the
FEMA restriction. If so, then the hospitals can do the same.  They just
have to use petty cash rather than a P.O.  I bet a clever organization
could figure out how to get that done.

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 1:52 PM Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> wrote:

> My wife and I just ordered 20 clear plastic face shields
> with headbands ($3.60 each) from Mallory Safety Supply, which
> we will share with friends and medical colleagues.
> I've used the face shield I have about 50 times; it's starting
> to get dinged up.  I could probably make a replacement shield
> with 10 mil clear polycarbonate plastic, but the roll plastic
> in small quantities costs more than the shields.
> Mallory has a storefront in SE Portland (formerly Sanderson
> Safety Supply).  Worth a visit, but we don't visit many stores
> these days.
> We encourage our friends to buy more masks (in person or UPS
> order) and share them with other friends, as well as with
> medical/fire/police.  Plastic shields are much easier to use
> than a cloth mask on top of an N95.
> Mallory is overstocked; they planned to sell safety gear to
> west coast hospitals and service providers.  They have
> thousands of purchase orders in the queue.  However, they
> are /forbidden/ to follow through on those orders by FEMA.
> So, if we want to get this material to the professionals who
> need it, we must buy it ourselves and donate it personally,
> off the books, to individual professionals.
> And we must do everything possible to kick the BASTARDS who
> perverted FEMA policy out of office, perhaps chase them
> into exile, while bringing the real heros home from exile.
> Grump, grump, GRRRR.
> Keith
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