[PLUG-TALK] Linguistics anyone?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue May 26 11:33:00 PDT 2020

On Tue, 26 May 2020, John Jason Jordan wrote:

> Lately there has been much discussion here of ways to make virtual
> presentations with tools like Zoom, among others. I haven't yet actually
> tried to do this, but I can probably get something working. But my opus is
> still far too much to cover in one talk. Therefore, it occurred to me to
> post the document somewhere so that people can download it and read it for
> themselves. After allowing a decent period of time for people to finish
> reading it I can give one presentation which would be a type of question
> and answer talk. Whatever questions a reader has can be presented so I
> have time to explain and clarify, and others can benefit from the
> discussion as well. The time for the talk does not have to be the first
> Thursday, but it could be.

> I post this here to see if there is any interest, with full knowledge that
> there may be none at all. And if there is any interest, I would be
> grateful for suggestions – is my idea of a virtual question and answer
> talk worth pursuing, and if so, are there any further ideas for how to do
> it?


I think that's a great idea. You might consider doing what I'm now doing to
prospect for clients and using it to just plain educate linux folks.

Assuming you have a webcam (I've an extra for sale), prepare a series of
tutorials and prepare a set of slides (PDF is a good format) to display on a
recorded video while you explain the details. While obs-studio is great for
this, vokoscreenNG-3.0.4 is super simple and does the job, capturing the
slide show in (in my case) an 800x600px window along with the audio.

Then create a personal channel on YouTube, post your linguistics tutorials
as you finish them, and put out the word that they're available as you
upload each one. When you want to schedule a video conference for q&a take
a close look at jitsi.



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