[PLUG] Replacing hard drive

Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Thu Sep 2 16:27:01 PDT 2004

Quick note, your drive swap protocol came AFTER your signature file and
the signature separater (--\n), so a proper mail reader wouldn't quote the
whole message when replying -- it cuts off at the signature.

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Rich Shepard wrote:
> 5.  Run 'mkfs -cvt ext3' on each partition.

I really don't mean this to be any kind of flamewar instigator, but is
there really a reason to use ext3 anymore?  I have one old system with an
ext3 filesystem and it still has to fsck pretty regularly (it gets powered
down alot and the system forces a fsck every so many mounts) and we've
seen plenty of issues on this very list with folks running out of inodes
and stuff like that.

So why bother with the old system?

I've used reiserfs on everything for a couple of years now and have never
lost a filesystem without also losing the entire disk due to hardware

Genuinely curious,
     Jeme A Brelin
    jeme at brelin.net
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