[PLUG] KVM switch recommendations?

Michael H. Collins mike at linuxlink.com
Fri Sep 3 09:26:02 PDT 2004

I have an AirLink+ four port from fryes that has never given a problem. 
  Even with a Plan9 box on it and it generally makes kvms go bonkers.

This one gets its power from the keyboard connection too I think.

Dan Haskell wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Chris Jantzen wrote:
>>I have a Belkin 8-port Omniview and the one really annoying thing (I
>>believe this is the same across the entire line, as of my vintage) is
>>that it uses double tap Scroll Lock as an attention key to the
>>KVM. But Scroll Lock is used in the Linux console, and the KVM doesn't
>>always catch both...
> I have a OmniCube at work with is just fine - except for the scroll lock
> issue (which causes problems with Lotus Notes).
> The Belkin I had at home was a total PITA. About the third time that piece
> of garbage spontaneously went into control-lock mode(!), I pitched it out
> a window. As I remember, Will Cooley had seen similar issues.
> The key difference seems to be that that one gets it's power off of the
> keyboard line. If you decide to buy a Belkin, be sure it has it's own
> power supply.
> Dan
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