[PLUG] KVM switch recommendations?

Don Buchholz buchholz at easystreet.com
Fri Sep 3 11:00:07 PDT 2004

Don Buchholz wrote:

> R. Haack wrote:
>> I have a couple of Belkins that are connected together that work fine 
>> most of the time.  Every once in a while though they go crazy and the 
>> only way to fix them is to disconnect everything and then reconnect 
>> everything.  If I had to purchase again I would most likely go with 
>> another brand. 
> Ditto -- the Belkins will freak out, and since they get power from
> keyboard/mouse PS/2 connections (rather than just using the DC
> current from the wall-wart adapter), the only way to get a complete
> reset it to (a) turn *all* systems off, or (b) unplug *everything*.
> What a PITA!!!
> I'm pretty happy with the Apex units that IBM resells.
> - Don

I should mention though ... the above observations are for a set of
server racks with about 20 connected systems. 

 I do have a small Belkin 4-port at home, and can't really complain
about it with regards to price/performance.  The big difference is that
at home, there are two main systems (the near-ancient Windows box
for Quicken -- it doesn't even get a network connection) and my
general use box.  Sometimes, a 3rd or 4th box will get attached when
helping out friends with "computer problems" (can you say over 200
virus-infected files, plus spyware, plus ad-ware .... yuk!!!!)

So, bottom line:
   Belkin -- bad for real work/production, but fine for the
   home/hobbyist user.

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