[PLUG] NFS problem..

Brent Rieck bsr at spek.org
Tue Sep 7 02:36:02 PDT 2004

   I've got a problem nfs mounting a remote file system after reboots of 
my main workstation - I've had this problem about 4 times, each time 
after a reboot.  Since reboots are months apart I forget what I did the 
last time and each time I google up an answer that fixes my problem but 
I never write it down because I'm "too busy" and will "do it later". 
This time my google-fu is very weak it appears and I cannot seem to 
google up an answer and I'm hoping somebody will be able to at least 
point me in the right direction.

When I:
   mount        /web
I get this error:
   mount: RPC: Remote system error - No route to host

Some references I've found have made mentionings that it's the firewall 
blocking what shouldn't be but I get the same error even if I clear the 
firewall rules

The workstation is rh9, the server is fc1, if that makes a difference.

thanks for any help,


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