[PLUG] Knoppix 3.6

Charlie Schluting charlie at schluting.com
Wed Sep 8 21:05:02 PDT 2004

Russell Senior wrote:
> I had not seen this, but a neighbor asked for a copy (actually at my
> suggestion), and before I burned my 3.4 image I thought I'd check and
> see if there was anything newer.  Turns out there was a 3.6 as of
> middle of August.  I am currently downloading it.  Has anyone used the
> newer version?  Reports good or bad?
> Thanks!

Yep! It seems awesome.. worked just as well as the others, with new 
features, I'm sure. I didn't at poke it much, just used it to format a 
HD. Typed 'linux26' at the prompt to get a 2.6 kernel.. just for 
coolness factors.
There seems to be lots of fancy animations and such in KDE as well.. 
don't know how much he hacked it; its a much newer KDE than I've ever used.

If you're on a slow mirror, you can grab it from me:
Should go as fast as you can go.


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