[PLUG] Dumb question du jour

Alice Corbin ali at axian.com
Thu Sep 9 17:32:04 PDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 04:29:05PM -0700, Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I've tried to specify the monitor resolution as 1260x960[1] but every
> application that opens in its own window (e.g,. mozilla, lyx) is huge. The
> window frames, menu bar, tool bar and and text (in LyX) are as large as if
> the screen resolution is 800x600. The wm is xfce-4.0.6.
>   How can I determine at what resolution the screen is running and how can I
> specify smaller text in application windows? OK, then. That's two naive
> questions, not one.
>   So many things on this new system are much different from how they
> appeared on the RH 7.3 box displaying on a 19" CRT monitor. I want smaller
> menus, smaller text and more of it. At least mozilla lets me adjust the text
> display size.
> Thanks,
> Rich

To find out what your screen resolution is, type 'xwininfo'.  The cursor
will turn into a crosshair.  Click it on the root window.  (You can also
click it on a normal window to find out its geometry, etc.)

If your resolution is wrong, then you might want to look at the X log file
to see what went wrong.  On my (fedora) system that's at /var/log/Xorg.0.log.
If you're using xf86 then the name is obviously going to be different.


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