[PLUG] OT: email address preferences

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Sep 10 09:32:02 PDT 2004

This is not directly Linux related, but the right people to discuss
this are on this list.

I am currently passing out business cards, signing emails, etc. with
"keithl at ieee.org" .  I am a long-time member of IEEE, and they have
an email alias system that forwards email sent to  keithl at ieee.org 
to an address I specify.  I can change the forward address from a
webpage form, though it takes about 12 hours for changes to propagate. 
This has been convenient.  IEEE also does some spam filtering, and
when a virus storm hits, they have knocked out as many as 100 virus
emails per hour.

Lately, however, IEEE has been delaying my legitimate mail by as
much as 9 hours, and may be dropping some in the bit bucket.  When
the mail is passed through IEEE, I cannot use a simple graylisting
system.  And of course challenge-response systems don't work;  I
cannot send from my reply-to address, and this makes some transactions

I am considering changing my business cards and reply-tos to connect
to keithl at keithl.com  (which is active now) .  I have the registration
and DNS for my domains set up through dyndns.org (which in turn uses
tucows opensrs), so I can re-point the names to a different IP address
in minutes.  Right now, the addresses terminate at my virtual colo
machine, and mail is routed up a VPN pipe to my internal mail server.
Lots of bandwidth in all the links;  I can easily handle the traffic
of a virus storm, perhaps better than the aggregate the IEEE would see.  

Dyndns.org might dry up and blow away.  On the other hand, IEEE might
decide to terminate the alias program, or screw it up, or change their
policies to make membership unacceptable.  The risks are similar,
though I'm pretty sure a dyndns business failure would result in new
solutions appearing in hours or days.

So it seems that changing my suggested address to  keithl at keithl.com
(leaving keithl at ieee.org active but depreciated) is a win.  Can anyone
here suggest a credible downside? 


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