[PLUG] Running firefox-0.9.3 on Slackware-10.0

Matt Alexander lug at phxlinux.org
Sat Sep 11 20:22:02 PDT 2004

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004, Rich Shepard wrote:

>    I'm stymied and could use a pointer here. Firefox-0.9.3 was installed via
> package into /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/. I specify the full path on the
> command line and nothing happens.
>    What have others done to get this working?

Untar'd/unzip'd the file...  ran the install...
moved the dir to $HOME/local/firefox
made a symlink from $HOME/local/bin/firefox to $HOME/local/firefox/firefox
($HOME/local/bin is in my $PATH)

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