[PLUG] RealPlayer help

Vincent Yau v_yau3 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 11 21:12:02 PDT 2004

Dear All:

I have a realmedia file that I want to play on my linux box.  (Fedora RC2, 
kernel 2.6.6).
I have Mplayer with realmedia codecs but the file just shows up with
blurry lines.  I know the same file played fine with RealPlayer on Windows.
So I went to Real.com and downloaded both the Helix Player as well
as RealPlayer 10.  Helix Player won't recognize the realmedia file and ask
me to download RealPlayer.  I got Realplayer 10 to install
but when I typed "realplay", nothing shows up.  I did an 'strace' and it
stops at wait(-1.....).  I guess it is waiting for something....

Is it my kernel that Realplayer does not like?  Any tip on how to
get RealPlayer to work? Thanks


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