[PLUG] Job Posting: Linux Embedded Software

James Perkins james at loowit.net
Mon Sep 13 17:40:06 PDT 2004

Hi PLUG folk,

My employer (Wind River) has a few openings for experienced Senior 
Software Engineer or Member of Technical Staff level. The candidate will 
be experienced with Linux inside and out, and also have several year's  
skill and experience in the embedded (multiple CPU architectures) or 
telecommunications software specialities. Also useful skills are 
build/packaging and distribution of Linux systems (think Linux from 
Scratch or the like), cross-development toolchains (compilers, loaders), 
bootloaders, debugger technologies (think networked debug ala kgdb) and 
Linux systems quality assurance (including bug tracking, test systems 
design and planning).

We're looking now for highly experienced people. Once those people have 
been able to chew on the project for a while we may open up hiring for 
folks that might only have experience in one of the above areas -- and 
when that happens I'll send out another notice.

For just the right person, employment in Beaverton is possible, with 
more options in Alameda, California. We are not able to consider 
contract positions for this at this time, only full-time regular 
salaried employment.

If you're interested send a resume and cover sheet to 
wendy.clappis at windriver.com, or if you'd rather have an informal chat 
with me, drop me the information and we'll arrange a time.

James Perkins
james at loowit.net

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