[PLUG] Annoucement: Linux Clinic this Saturday

Dan Haskell danh at fork.com
Wed Sep 15 10:18:06 PDT 2004

          *** Portland Linux User's Group (PLUG) Announcement ***
             The Linux Clinic - third saturday of every month
    Interested in Linux? Need help installing or configuring Linux? Be
           sure to attend the next session of the Linux Clinic.
                               Linux Clinic
                             September 18, 2004
                                1PM - 4PM
                           Riverdale High School
                         9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd,
                          Portland, Oregon 97219
   What to bring:
     * Your computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
     * Any relevant peripherals (printer, modem, etc).
     * Your Linux distribution (if you have already installed).
     * The manuals for your hardware - especially your monitor manual.
   Resources available:
     * Volunteers skilled in Linux installation and maintenance.
     * The PLUG CD library (including several recent Linux
     * T-1 Internet connection
     * phone jacks for testing modem and Internet setups.
     * Ethernet drops.
     * Infocus projector for demonstrations.
     * An extra Linux box for experimenting.
     * A number of reference materials
   For directions to the school see:
   For questions regarding the Clinics email Dan Haskell at:                    
   dhaskell at acm.org                                                             
   For information about PLUG or the Clinics see:                               

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