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I am an IEEE member and got the same mail from Pradeep. My experience with
Open Source is not nil but not advanced either. I'm volunteering to staff
the booth; I think it would be fun. I am not looking for a job.


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Since all of you are employed and all, I figured nobody here would
be interested. :-)   

We might consider setting up an Open Source booth at this event.  
The idea is, if you don't have a job, you can still get some 
experience and some bullet points on your resume by working on an open
source project.  I would have to get back to Ed Perkins pretty quickly on
this.  Is there any interest in staffing a booth?


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IEEE Oregon Section has partnered with the Professional Resource Consortium 
NW group and OGI to organize a Career Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 28 from 3-7 PM 
for our unemployed and underemployed members and other high tech 
professionals in the Portland area.

PortlandTech Career Fair

On Tuesday September 28th from 3pm to 7pm the IEEE Oregon Section, and the 
Professional Resource Consortium NW (PRCNW) will be jointly sponsoring a 
high tech professional career fair that will be held at the Wilson Clark 
Center of the Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) in Beaverton. This job fair 
differs from other events since it is being managed by professionals who 
seek to benefit from the job opportunities presented by employers.

The Career Fair is free to high tech professionals. All candidates will be 
required to pre-register for one of the hour-long time slots at 
<http://www.prcnw.org/portlandtech/index.html>. Registration is on a first 
come basis, and will close when we have reached capacity for the OGI 
Facility. You are encouraged to sign up early and be prepared to answer a 
few short skill set questions in the process. Check-in at the registration 
desk to pick up your nametag. Please be on time. "Drop-ins" will be 
discouraged due to limited time and space available.

Up to 20 companies and recruiters will have booths at the Career Fair. A 
sample of the attending companies includes: AZAD, Daverci, EdgeLink, 
Kforce, Tech Link NW (Salem), and Tektronix. There is still space available 
for additional companies and interested recruiters should refer to the 
contacts below.

Who We Are
The IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 
360,000 individual members in 150 countries working in electrical and 
electronic engineering disciplines.

The Professional Resource Consortium NW is a non-profit organization that 
was founded in August 2003. The organization is made up of nearly 800 
volunteer professionals dedicated to helping each other find employment in 
the Portland area, and to showcase the wide range of talented people in the 

For more information on the career fair contact:

IEEE Oregon               Ed Perkins      503-612-9397    e.perkins at ieee.org

Corp. Registration PRCNW  Art Yerkes      503-590-9924    yerkes at hevanet.com
Registration PRCNW        Robert Jenner   503-579-1631
robertfjenner at hotmail.com
PRCNW & Event Director    Bruce Virell    503-678-6198    bvirell at aol.com

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