[PLUG] Recompiling a core library

Ed Berg ed_berg at comcast.net
Fri Sep 17 08:40:03 PDT 2004

Rich Shepard wrote:
>   What do I read to learn how to recompile ncurses and less?


When you unpack the source for ncurses and less, you should see a text 
file called INSTALL (or sometimes README.INSTALL). That should give you 
the rundown.

With most source archives that I have compiled, the steps are generally 
the same:
1) Execute "configure" script -- most often, this will generate a 
Makefile to install under /usr/local by default. You can override this 
by executing "configure --prefix=/your/path/here", so that would allow 
you to install over the top of the malfunctioning ncurses and less, 
wherever they are located.

2) Run "make" on the generate Makefile to build everything.

3) Run "make install", usually as superuser, unless you are just 
installing into your home dir.

Hope that helps.


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