[PLUG] Sound file size

Paul Mullen pem at nellump.net
Sat Sep 18 12:21:02 PDT 2004

On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 06:35:44AM -0700, Russell Senior wrote:

> Paul> mplayer has a 'dump stream' option that will save a stream to
> Paul> disk instead of playing it. It will also handle Real Audio files
> Paul> if you have the appropriate codecs installed.
> That's not what I used.  It was something generic that captured any
> soundcard output.  Or maybe it intercepted what was going to be sent
> to the sound card.  v<something>, I think.

"vsound", perhaps?

   Virtual loopback sound recorder and real audio converter This program
   allows you to record the output of any standard OSS program (one that
   uses /dev/dsp for sound) without having to modify or recompile the
   program. It uses sox to convert and save the raw data into the
   desired file format and can help to convert real audio files to some
   other non-proprietary format.

The nice thing about mplayer is that it does the decoding before
dumping, leaving you with a common WAV file that can be played in any
number of ways. Of course, if you don't need any decoding to be


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