[PLUG] mysql performance questions

Jeff freyley at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 17:31:02 PDT 2004


I'm looking to optimize queries on a really really big dataset in
mysql. I've heard rumors that you can force MySQL to push a table into
memory (if you've got enough space) and think I have a way to do it,
but am not sure after reading the documentation if it really does what
I want or if there's actually a better way. What I'm trying is

create table tblheap type=heap select * from tbl;

The queries include multiple joins, where clauses, and order by
criteria. I've also attempted to create indexes which help the queries
go faster, and have succeeded to some extent, but I'm still confused
about how to deal with the fact that there are very different fields
in the joins, where clauses, and order by. Which of these need the
fields included in the index, and is there any way that order can use
a different index than the rest? I understand explain and use it
extensively, but if someone has a good suggestion for reading to
better understand the art of designing indexes around queries, I'd
appreciate that too.



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