[PLUG] JetDirect card in LaserJet 5

Aaron Burt aaron at bavariati.org
Sat Sep 18 18:06:01 PDT 2004

On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 05:40:18PM -0700, Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I cannot locate the manual for my LJ 5. I need to know how to insert the
> JetDirect card that just arrived (just the card, no documents at all), then
> learn how to make it work over the network with CUPS.

I believe there's a plate on the right end of the back of the printer,
held on with 2 screws.  Power off the printer, undo the screws, and
take the plate off.

There should be card guide rails that you can fit the JetDirect card
into and slide it home.  The last 1/4" will take a bit of force.  Then
screw in the screws attached onto the back of the card and you're done.

Power up the printer, and hit the left Menu key 'til you see the HP
MIO Menu.  You can do config of the card there, though I think it'll
do DHCP or BootP by default.

It'll act as a "socket" printer and an LPR printer, among other things.

In CUPS, it's as simple as "socket://printer_address" or
"socket://printer_address:9100" or "lpr://printer_address/lp"

Windows will deal with it as either sort as well.  I've had better
luck if everything that prints to it used LPR mode.  Socket mode has
problems with job collisions if two machines try to print at the same

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