[PLUG] For those who used WordPerfect

Jim Karlock Jkarlock at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 20 06:26:02 PDT 2004

WP is still alive in version 12, I think. I am currently using version 9 on 

They put out a version of Linux a couple years back with WordPerfect on the 

I did a search for Linux on their site a few days ago and got a page for 
Linux WP (product not available - better than no hits)


At 07:40 PM 9/19/2004 , you wrote:
>Rich Shepard wrote:
> >    No word processor can do what WP did.
>Still does; they're up to version 10, now, unfortunately, just in the MS 
> >    However, that's really not limiting. If you want to do serious writing
> > (articles, reports, books, etc.) use LyX. If you want to do desktop
> > publishing with a frame-oriented page layout application (sensu Framemaker,
> > Ventura Publisher) use Scribus. For the rest (letters, memos, invoices and
> > the like) OO.o does just fine.
>I'll give those a try, but I'm really spoiled. I'd like to keep thinking 
>about document writing with one tool--at least for the kinds of documents 
>I write.
>AthlonRob wrote:
> > My parents stuck with Word Perfect for Windows up until about four years
> > ago, when they finally relented and moved to Word.
>My wife still uses WP 5.1 on a Wyse 286. For grunt work typing it still 
>works just fine, and we have yet to find a keyboard like the one Wyse sold 
>with their PC's. (It doesn't work with other PC's, I've been trying for 
>many years. If someone knows how to make it work, let me know!)
> > Has anybody looked in to writing a WP-like CLI wordprocessor for *nix
> > under an OSS license?
>Too bad Novell sold WP to Corel. If they still had it, maybe someone could 
>convince them to release the code to WP 5.1. As I recall, WP 6, while a 
>DOS program, tried to hold on to their customers early in the "let's all 
>use GUI's" mentality era. It didn't go over that well. I think that was 
>about the time Win 3.1 came out, along with Word.
>I just installed the personal edition of Suse on one of my machines. 
>During the install, they had a series of "ads" for various tools included 
>in the distribution. One of them was for Wine. It said that MS Office had 
>been tested and works under Wine. One of these weeks, maybe I'll try to 
>get WP 8 to work; maybe that will be one of these months, the way my 
>schedule has bee going of late!
>Dick Steffens
>(Temporarily using the Comcast web-mail interface until I have time to set 
>up an e-mail client on my SuSE installation. So many new things to learn...)
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