[PLUG] CVS questions concerning ntop...

Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) Rob.Anderson at nike.com
Mon Sep 20 16:38:01 PDT 2004

> http://www.ntop.org/ntop.html is where you can get instructions on how
> to set CVSROOT to a remote repository for ntop and check out a copy.
> I have a copy checked out.  If I want to update my copy of the
> source code, can I update over a copy I've already 
> checked out?  

Yes. cd to the directory and run cvs update. You should not have to setup your CVSROOT again, as that info is stored in the CVS directories within the checked out heirarchy.
> Can I use my local copy as a CVS repository and check out a
> copy from there or do I need to hand import the source code
> I've checked out into my own local CVS server? 

If you intend to version your changes and you do not have commit access to the repository you checked it out from you will need to import the code into your cvs repository.

> Can one CVS repository update a second one?  
> With this model, how do changes in the a local CVS repository
> work back up to a remote one?  What if the remote CVS
> repository isn't under my control?

You could probably hack something together using the files in CVSROOT (commitinfo probably), but if you don't have commit access to the remote repository you won't be able to do it. Of course, if you had commit access, why would you want to version the files in your own repository anyway? You probably wouldn't. You should probably make your changes and ask a committer to commit the changes. You may even need to open a change request in the bug repository for the project and attach the diff to the change request. 
> I've noticed a directory called CVS in the source code.  What
> are these special directories a CVS checkout creates for?

There are few files in those directories... Root, Repository, and Entries (if memory serves me). Bassically these files tell cvs at runtime where these files came from and what they are (tag, branch, other sticky options). This is why you don't need to reset your CVSROOT every  time you decide to update your checked out heirarchy.

-Rob Anderson

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