[PLUG] CUPS not printing to networked printer

Mel Andres mel97215 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 20 20:03:01 PDT 2004

Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Mel Andres wrote:
>> Can you get to http://localhost:631?
> Mel,
>   Yes. And to /localhost:631/admin. But, as soon as I try to access the
> printers page -- zzzzz-zz-z-z-z.
> Rich
Hmm, I cat get to /printers, but hang trying to get to /admin. I 
recently replaced my winprinter (Lexmark X5150) with a HP PSC 2150 
network printer. I followed the instructions from 
http://linuxprinting.org/ for my device, and got the latest drivers from 
there as well. I expect Cory will be your best mentor for this one.

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