[PLUG] Webcam issue (Fedora issue)

Robert Kopp iconoklastic at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 00:25:02 PDT 2004

I recently installed Fedora 2 and my initial
impression of it was sort of positive. I have a
Quickcam 3000 (Phillips chip), and discovered that it
does not have kernel support with Fedora, although Red
Hat 9 supported it.

Normally this kind of issue calls for rebuilding the
kernel. According to one source, however, this cannot
be done to enable the Quickcam with Fedora 2. Really?

I know that this driver is enabled automatically in
Mandrake, and can be enabled with a little effort with
SuSE. Can anyone recommend a Webcam that is more
widely supported under Linux? I don't know whether
this consideration alone would prompt me to use a
different distro than Fedora, but might incline me in
that direction.

Fedora 2 does not support FireWire without rebuilding
the kernel, either. This is another feature taken for
granted with many other distros.

Robert "Tim" Kopp

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