[PLUG] Perl help needed

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Sep 21 15:50:03 PDT 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Ovid wrote:

> This one in particular looked like it had a good signal to noise ration:
> http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=6363&tstart=135


   Good pointer. It got me to look at the permissions on /tmp/vmware-rshepard
and the log file inside it. Those were copied from the restored tape backup
and had owner.group of my Red Hat UID.GID. Not valid here. I changed those
to current values and VMware fires up.

   Now to resolve a write permission problem with the log file and I think I
should be good to go.

Many thanks,


Dr. Richard B. Shepard, President
Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. (TM)

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