[PLUG] SSH/SCP: Passphrase lost

Josh Orchard josh at emediatedesigns.com
Wed Sep 22 15:41:02 PDT 2004

>    I think that I broke something in my ssh setup when I migrated to
> the new
> distribution. The ~/.ssh/known_hosts file on the system has only my
> notebook. As a matter of fact, I sync'd the two so that all the files
> on the
> workstation are copied to the notebook.
>    But, when I ssh from the notebook to the workstation I'm no longer
> asked
> for my passphrase, only my password. Do I need to run key-gen again
> and make
> sure that the keys and passwords are the same on both boxes?
> Thanks,
> Rich

If SSH is only asking for a password again then the conf file on the
SSHD server is defaulting to that.  You will need to move the files
over but I don't know if you will need to recreate the unique files.

Look at the sshd_confif file and for a setting called:

I forget the details but they are documented well.  I'm guessing that
this new system defaulted to password.

I have to say.  With all the traffic you have generated from one
Distro to another it sure shows how difficult it is to switch and thus
how different each Linux distro really has become.


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