[PLUG] Wanted to Introduce Myself

alan alan at clueserver.org
Wed Sep 22 19:21:15 PDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Keely Willoughby wrote:

> Randal L. Schwartz == <merlyn at stonehenge.com> writes:
> Keely>  Getting a brand new iBook soon & will be
> Keely> slapping Yellow Dog on it (can't wait as I love Yellow Dog)
> I don't understand the motivation here.  iBooks come with a *fine*
> *usable* version of Unix already.  All you'll be doing is creating
> yourself a world of hurt.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have used Linux on my Desktop Mac & a really, really old laptop & it ran perfectly. 
> Less problems with install/setup/operation compared to the PC laptop I had. 
> No world of hurt here...
> I know it seems a little unusual seeing as though it does come with a great UNIX system already there, but I know Linux, 
> I like to be in control of my comptuer (I think this has already been mentioned) & Yellow Dog runs like a dream on an iBook too!
> Good to see some other Mac/Linux Users out there....I sometimes fear I am the only one.

OS X v.s. Yellowdog is an interesting question.

Both are good, but it really depends on what you want to run.  Since there 
are programs on Yellowdog to run OS X programs, it cover the best of both 

I have found a number of programs that do not build well on OS X or 
require X.  If using X was transparent to the user, then it would not be a 
choice.  I found using anything involving X on OS X to be a pain.  
Possible, but not something "one click".

Perl apps, for the most part, built fine on OS X.  (Except for the things 
that expected you to be on a PC.)  A number of things are still kind of 
bjorken on OS X though.  Kerberos and ldap, for example.

Either one is better than Windows, however.

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