[PLUG] Wanted to Introduce Myself

Dave Poirier dave_poirier at parkrose.k12.or.us
Wed Sep 22 20:52:02 PDT 2004

That would be Debian based Ubuntu Linux....

Russell Senior wrote:

>Dan Young had some kind of snazzy new mac laptop at the clinic last
>weekend on which he had some debian-based distribution (some african
>word I can't remember) installed and he reported not hurting, in fact
>"just working" IIRC.  I know I have at least one of those details
>wrong, but I am pretty sure it is the name of the distributon, which I
>can't recall correctly right now.  Whether I have more things wrong is
>an open question.  E.g., it was snazzy, but was it a mac?  I think so.

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