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Thu Sep 23 09:36:01 PDT 2004

>Not sure if this has been addressed here before and a yea or nay is great
>as I can search the archives later today.
>   I'm looking for more information on SATA -- kind of a "SATA for
>Managers" thingy.  As some background I just purchased a SATA card and 
>drives based on speed claims.  (No, I'm not interested in any lake front
>property :-)  Now I need to determine which SATA options I should
>enable/use particulary as this relates to using the SATA or legacy power
>connections.  My drives came with both.  SATA requires a new PS, legacy

Are you plugging the drive into a SATA backpanel?  If no, then you
are using legacy power.


This document covers SAS but also details SATA as it relates to SAS.
page 26 shows the above difference.

After page 31 the document get a little deep for most.
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