[PLUG] Hibernation on a Sony VAIO

Bruce Kingsland wizard at renigaid.biz
Thu Sep 23 15:04:02 PDT 2004


I just setup a dual boot on a Sony VAIO (WinXPpro/FC2) for a friend.
He uses quickbooks in his business, so win is still a requirement
until I figger out how to move him to an open source solution. Anyhow,
the real Q is how to get it to Hibernate. The win OS hibernates just
fine, and boots up quickly as a result. The FC2 just takes a long
time, which is _not_ gonna sell him on moving to it completely.

I know that several of you had these machines when I was regularly
attending meetings down there, so I'm assuming that somebody knows the
secret to getting this to work. And I'd really appreciate some

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